Digital Services

Technician tests metal pipe for defects
Digital Radiography (DR) testing setup

Computed Radiography

Computed Radiography utilizes computed digital imagery that allows for a sharper more enhanced image for better evaluation. CR inspection is a safer, timelier, and more detail-oriented inspection overall.

Advantages of Computed Radiography

  • Safer than traditional x-ray/gamma ray methods
  • Faster exposure times
  • Improved images for flaw evaluation
  • Better archiving and storage
  • Increase productivity any many cases
  • Quick processing times
  • Can be used in leu of conventional X-Ray on all pipe sizes
  • Used for wall loss and product build up
  • Digital flaw sizer

Digital Radiography

Advantages of Digital Radiography

  • Significantly reduced total inspection time vs. CR and conventional methods on 3” to 12” pipe
  • Minimized or eliminated re-shots
  • Fine grain/slow speed film equivalent image quality.
  • Improved safety and production with one crank out- one crank in per weld
  • Auto generation of scan plans for various pipe configurations
  • System can be easily adapted to perform manual small diameter DWE/DWV applications
  • Digital flaw sizer
Digital Radiography (DR) testing setup
Digital Radiography (DR) SmartRT unit

Proven Experts

For over 20 years, our expert technicians have provided high-quality Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to the country’s leading oil and gas companies. Available 24/7, our crew is trained to use our state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to minimize your team’s downtime and maximize productivity.